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30 Sep 2017

In the past couple of years, people have reviewed the history of our understanding of energy as how it operates and where it comes from. The understanding for the same is remarkably primitive, and people have successfully understood some elements of energy and how they interrelate. They have been looking for PEMF discovery for great quality items. They have successfully sent "vibrations" of gratitude; things seemed to go more smoothly. It has been found that every disease or condition has its own specific frequencies that trigger tissue repair. There is an energy "blueprint" which governs the development of the different tissues of the body, even though every cell has the same DNA. The tissue tissue blueprint directs the development of the lips, others skins, others each of the internal organs, and all of this takes place when two cells come together to become one cell at conception.

It is equally important that people have understood the effects of environmental energy on the body. The Specific healing effects have been found at specific frequencies, and have been quantitated. The nerve regeneration and neurite outgrowth from cultured ganglion cells takes place at a frequency of 2 Hz. The Bone growth is stimulated at 7 Hz, which ligament healing takes place at 10 Hz. The Diminished skin necrosis and increased capillary and fibroblast formation to create new tissue is best accomplished at frequencies of 15, 20 and 72 Hz. It is equally important that people have understood the effects of environmental energy on the body.

If you take the case of 40 Hz is an anti-inflammatory frequency that will also decrease swelling. Frequencies above 2000 Hz are capable of creating a nerve block. The therapeutic healer touches water, that water will encourage plant growth. There are damaging effects of specific frequencies. As soon as the psychotic patient touches water, that water will actually suppress plant growth. The energy generated through the hands of a therapist mostly at 7-8 Hz.


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